From Code to Canvas:

My Artistic Awakening During Lockdown

Gianluca La Fauci

5/9/20232 min read



As a software engineer, my world was defined by logic, code, and the crisp clarity of a well-designed algorithm. Life was a series of structured routines, until the COVID-19 lockdowns introduced an unforeseen pause. Suddenly, time stretched out, formless and vast, and I felt a deep-seated urge to fill it with something tangible, something lasting.

Discovering Art Through Digital Media

First Encounter with Art

It all started innocuously enough - a 10-minute YouTube tutorial on digital painting, stumbled upon during a late-night browsing session. I watched, half-amused, as the artist transformed a blank canvas into a vibrant landscape. "Hey, it's not bad," I thought. Little did I know, this was the beginning of a profound journey.

Experimentation and Exploration

I began dabbling with a borrowed tablet and a free drawing app. My initial creations were clumsy, but there was something exhilarating about the swirl of virtual paint, the way it morphed under my tentative touch. I moved from digital to physical mediums, experimenting with pencils, watercolours, and acrylics. Art, I discovered, was forgiving, boundless, and utterly freeing.

The Joy of Learning

Every stroke was a challenge, every finished piece a triumph. I relished the learning process, the gradual improvement, and the unfolding of my own style. Art tutorials, books, and online forums became my new haunts. I was a software engineer by day, but by night, I was an artist in training, revelling in the chaotic beauty of creation.

Art as a Journey of Self-Discovery

Reflection and Introspection

Art became more than a hobby; it was a conduit for introspection. Through my paintings, I explored the contours of my inner world – fears, hopes, and dreams. The more I painted, the more I understood myself. My art was a visual diary, each piece a page of unspoken words.

Conceptualization and Creativity

Concepts for my artworks often came in quiet moments – during a morning walk, or while sipping coffee. Transforming these abstract thoughts into art was exhilarating. My canvases were filled with symbols and narratives, each telling a story, each a piece of my soul made visible.

Connection and Communication

Sharing my art was initially daunting. Yet, each positive comment, each shared experience, reinforced the power of art to connect. My audience wasn't just observing my art; they were interacting with it, engaging with the emotions and stories woven into each piece. This connection was profoundly fulfilling.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Art

Balancing Art with a Tech Career

Integrating art into my life as a software engineer was a balancing act. I learned to manage my time, carving out dedicated slots for artistic exploration. Art became a sacred ritual, a necessary counterbalance to the logical precision of my day job.

Growth and Evolution

Over time, my style evolved, becoming more confident and defined. I found ways to merge my technical skills with my artistic passion, creating pieces that reflected both sides of my personality. This journey was a testament to the adaptability and resilience of the human spirit, to our capacity for growth and change.


My foray into art has been transformative. It has taught me about patience, resilience, and the beauty of an unstructured path. To anyone standing at the precipice of their own creative journey, I say: leap. You may be surprised where you land.